What’s better than a potluck dinner?

Why a potluck dessert competition, of course!

This friendly rivalry between conference goers (and their significant others who may have entered tortuously) has been a tradition for as long as Gathering Waters has hosted this event.

Before our 2018 Land Trust Conference, attendees were reminded to bring their favorite desserts for the competition. We had a fabulous spread of cookies, bars, cakes, and pies.

Carol Abrahamzon had the dubious honor of tasting all the entries

Carol Abrahamzon had the dubious honor of tasting all the entries.

But before one slice was served, our judges sampled the delicious desserts lining the banquet tables. (Being first in line is one of the perks of being a judge!)

The previous winner and this year’s judge, Carol Abrahamzon, of the Mississippi Valley Conservancy took her responsibility very seriously. Not only was she “forced” to sample all the desserts entered in the contest, but she also created the “Land Trust Top Chef” rolling-pin trophy.

Carol, along with MaryKay O’Donnell, Midwest Senior Program Manager from the Land Trust Alliance sampled each entry.

Together the judges selected Janet Smith from North Central Conservancy Trust as the 2018 winner.

Janet Smith won the 2018 Potluck Dessert Competition with a melt-in-your-mouth chocolate mousse cake.

You know it’s good when the only thing left on the plate is the spatula.

While Janet may have received the trophy, she was not only person who won that evening.

Everyone who sampled the delectable,
melt-in-your-mouth SINsational Double Chocolate Mousse Cake was a winner.

At the end of the evening, the only thing left on Janet’s plate was the spatula.

Way to go, Janet!

Thank you for sharing your SINsational recipe with us.