You heard it here first…

The Big Wild Radio Program broadcasts from Middleton, WI and reaches stations throughout Wisconsin, Nebraska, Minnesota, Indiana, Illinois, North and South Dakota.

Hosts Gundy and The Greek dish out a weekly fix of timely information about hunting and fishing, interesting recipes and politically incorrect humor. Some of their regular guests include Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall, Jeff Daniels, Babe Winkelman, Charlie Daniels and Bill Dance. And recently, our very own Mike Strigel was invited to the show, to talk about what land trusts are and how Gathering Waters Conservancy supports them.

Our Executive Director, Mike Strigel, sharing some time outside with his family.

You canĀ listen to the interview here to hear, directly from Mike, what GWC does, the importance of land to communities, and finding a balance between conservation and development to strengthen the economy.