Building Trails, Cultivating Values

Here’s the story of some very smart schools that recognize the importance of environmental education and are taking advantage of opportunities provided by their local land trust, to get their students out of the classroom and into the natural areas in their communities:

Over 165 students and staff members from Gibraltar Charter School, Lodi Elementary and Ouisconsing School of Collaboration participated in the Ice Age Trail Alliance’s service-learning event, which focused on building new Ice Age National Scenic Trail, leading to the bluff of the iconic Gibraltar Rock.

Students used the tools of the trade as they handcrafted exemplary hiking trail and restored native landscapes. Safety was a top priority for the event - Lodi students participated in up to two days of work without incident, staying true to priorities. Participants worked hand-in-hand with volunteers from across the Upper Midwest, reaching across generations, social stratification, and schools for a common cause.

Such excellent models of respect, patience, collaboration and work ethic were exhibited by both staff and students, that the event was a complete success. This was a great opportunity for a number of young Wisconsinites to create a relationship with the land as well, learn important lessons and perform an invaluable service for their own community.

Thank you Ice Age Trail Alliance, for providing such an excellent opportunity for these future leaders to get out and make this special place their own! We’re proud to say that our support of Wisconsin’s land trusts helps make great ideas like this one, a reality.