A 34 Acre Purchase Creates Unique Recreation Opportunities in Northeast Wisconsin

Spring seems to have officially sprung! All signs of winter have disappeared quickly and haven’t shown any hint of returning. The quickly melting snow and ice have allowed Northern Pike to begin spawning early this year. There have already been sightings of these fish in streams along Northeast Wisconsin Land Trust’s newly completed preserve of 34 acres of wetlands along the West shore of Green Bay.

This preserved area is an important spawning location for the Northern Pike. The fish use the network of streams in the preserved area to travel inland from the Bay each year to spawn. Once the new fish hatch they return to the Bay and the streams once used as their travel routes dry up.

“If we care about the waters of the Bay and the quality of our fisheries, land conservation on the west shore of Green Bay is crucial. The health of Green Bay and also Lake Michigan is very much determined by what we do on the land here, in northeastern Wisconsin,” said Deborah Nett, Executive Director of NEWLT.

This area should be open to the public late this summer.  More information on recreational opportunities in northeast Wisconsin can be found by contacting Northeast Wisconsin Land Trust.