Wisconsin’s Wetlands are at Risk

Wetlands are an incredibly important part of Wisconsin’s natural landscape. They not only serve as habitat for fish and wildlife, but also filter pollution out of our drinking water, protect against flooding, and provide wonderful opportunities for outdoor recreation. Wisconsin has a long bi-partisan history of protecting and conserving wetlands across the state — but now they face a serious threat.

Without wetlands, opportunities for outdoor recreation like duck hunting will disappear.

There are two bills (LRB 4115 and LRB 4410) being circulated in the state legislature that aim to strip protection from an estimated 1 million acres of wetlands across Wisconsin. The legislation would relax regulations on virtually all “isolated” wetlands that aren’t otherwise covered by the federal Clean Water Act. In other words, the bill assumes that all wetlands that aren’t connected to navigable waters are useless (or replaceable through mitigation), which couldn’t be further from the truth. This measure could decimate a significant percentage of our wetlands.    


Call your state senators and house members and urge them NOT to co-sponsor these bills (LRB 4115 and LRB 4410). The deadline for co-sponsoring is Friday, October 6th, so call today and let your Wisconsin legislators know that you support protecting Wisconsin’s wetlands.

For more information, please see this excellent summary on the Wisconsin Wetlands Association website.