We love the Green Team

Need another reason to love land trusts? We’ve got one: the way they partner with other organizations and businesses to benefit the communities they serve.  Want an example? How about the Green Team….

The Green Team was formed in 2008. It’s a partnership between Green Lake Conservancy (a Wisconsin land trust),   the Green Lake Association, the Green Lake Sanitary District, and the Green Lake School District. The coalition was born of a desire to introduce and share with the public, through the talents of volunteers, those special, unusual or unknown natural features in the Green Lake area. The Team fulfills this goal by hosting events to get families and other community members outdoors and involved with the land.

The Green Team is a great example of how land trusts partner with other organizations and businesses to benefit their communities.

As Tom Eddy, the Vice President of Conservation at Green Lake Conservancy reflects on their participation in the program, “the Green Team events help solidify our base and the people that attend these events have a better understanding of what a land trust does for the community…. These events are a great way of showcasing our community’s assets.”

The candle-lit path provides a serene atmosphere to reflect on 2013 and to look forward, to this fresh new year.

The Green Team’s latest event is a moonlight walk and campfire cookout, taking place this Saturday, January 11th, from 6:30-8:30 pm at Sunset Park in Green Lake, WI. Interested and in the area? Great! During the walk and campfire, participants can warm up, chat with friends and neighbors, enjoy the roaring bonfire and sip hot chocolate with their children.

For more information on the Green Team and other upcoming events hosted in the Green Lake area click here.