Meet the next generation.


The following post was written by our wonderful land trust member Groundswell Conservancy.

These women are part of an Operation Fresh Start (OFS) conservation crew working to remove invasive species and dying trees at Lake View Elementary on Madison’s north side. They’re braving the cold weather and dense buckthorn forest to clear an outdoor classroom for children they’ve never met. The land they take back will create space for an OFS construction crew to build the newest addition to Lake View’s green schoolyard, a vision created by the teachers and students who learn and play here. The brush they cut down will be chipped and used to create paths that Lake View students can explore. Some of the logs they’re creating will line those paths.

These women are our conservation heroes:


Photo credit: Ben Jones

Groundswell Conservancy purchased the land being restored last December and is working to add it to the school’s impressive outdoor classroom. As part of our campaign to “Save the Woods” at Lake View Elementary, we have partnered with Operation Fresh Start to clear the woods and construct a new learning space. Join us on facebook and instagram to celebrate our conservation heroes and the  work a community is doing to grow the next generation.

See you outside,
Tony Abate