Glacial Lakes Conservancy easement protects Pigeon River corridor

The following post was written by Bob Schuh for USA-Today Network-Wisconsin.


Glacial Lakes Conservancy accepted a conservation easement Sept. 5 protecting 39.6 acres of a 51.28-acre property along the Pigeon River in the Town of Sheboygan.

The easement encompasses the Windway House, which is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. The property is bisected by three-quarters-of-a-mile of the Pigeon River. The forested floodplain is identified by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources as a state-recognized wetland area.

Two other GLC preserved properties — the Garton “Bur Oak” and Northup “Bella Terra” conservation easements — are in close proximity along the Pigeon River corridor.

Along with this corridor, conservation values for public benefit include the rich and diverse natural habitats that provide shelter and food for large and small mammals, birds, insects and amphibians. Steelhead, salmon, whitetail deer and wild turkeys have been documented within the property boundaries.

The wooded areas contain American beech, bur oak, maple, basswood, wood anemone, marsh marigold, trillium, troutlillies and other species.

Glacial Lakes Conservancy is a private, nonprofit land trust offering conservation options to landowners and organizations in Sheboygan, Manitowoc, Kewaunee, Calumet and Fond du Lac counties. Visit